Marmoleum Flooring


Marmoleum is practical, hardwearing as well as colourful and fun. Marmoleum is a natural product made from 97% natural raw materials.
The Topshield2, water based finish, prevents dirt and dust from penetrating Marmoleum, making it reassuringly easy to keep clean, coupled with the possibility to repair damaged surfaces.

Marmoleum has been proven to have a positive impact on allergy sufferers by helping to maintain a clean and fresh environment.


  • Colour palette of over 300 choices across a variety of marbled, patterned, solid and linear design effects
  • Marmoleum modular tile collection for bespoke design and unrivalled creativity
  • Off-the-floor applications with Furniture Linoleum and Bulletin Board


  • Topshield2 water based polymer which is UV cured finished, delivering floor performance in the real world that results in lower cost of ownership over its long life time
  • Specialist acoustic and static control versions available